Take part in CTFZone 2022, the international ethical hacking competition.

This year’s CTF is set to be Jeopardy‑style. Teams will have 48 hours to complete all tasks. We’ve put together a shuffle of web, crypto, pwn, reverse, and osint categories as well as our signature game task called Jock Wars.

CTFZone is an independent international event with its own prizes. You’ll have to register to attend it. Go to Twitter for more news.

Jock Wars will be available to all our guests. The game offers rewards in Offcoin points. Find more information about Jock Wars below.

Jock Wars

Engage in a software battle on a computer network! Write and upload a bot to the game to compete with other players for the highest score (with Offcoin rewards, of course).

See the link for the details.


Get a tattoo or practice your own art on a bison skin! Every hour, the creators of the two best works will be awarded Offcoins. See the link for details.

HACK in 15 min

Prove yourself and solve a hacking task in 10 minutes.

We can allow an extra 5 minutes of time, but for every extra minute you get, you have to do a tequila shot. Remember, the faster you solve your task, the more Offcoins you get.

Roasting and assistance from the moderators is guaranteed. All you need is a laptop and the willingness to solve the task (have a drink).


Craft your own device!

The fragrance of rosin in the air, the heat coming off a soldering iron tip, and the sheen of molten solder—Craft.Zone has it all. Here you can build a device to protect your gadgets from unauthorized connections, or create an add‑on for your badge.


Put banking security to the test!

This space features a variety of contests to hack online banking systems, ATMs, smart terminals, and payment cards. Follow the link for more information.

Payment.Zone is organized jointly with Payment Village and Evotor. We are located in the partners’ zone, next to the Security Code stand.

Positive Technologies

Crash the financial sector, corporations, and energy at Standoff Crash Camp for cybersecurity!

At the Positive Technologies stand you’ll be competing for more than just Offcouns. Whoever causes the most damage to the city and earns the most points during OFFZONE will get ₽100,000 and merch that takes the pentest game to a whole new level. Hack it be.


Protect confidential information and earn Offcoins in the process!

Sber has prepared two whole activities at its stand.

The first activity is about Sber IRM document protection service, where you get to test whether it really is more convenient than password‑protected archives. Protect a document using our instructions, and earn Offcoin points.

In the second activity, you’ll learn about the document tagging service. Retrieve an identification tag that marks different copies of a document to track any leaks. You can get the tag from text, parts of text, or a table within the document. The more difficult the option you choose, the more Offcoin points you earn.

Angara Security

Get ahead of your opponent in the race and top up your Offcoin balance!

Angara Security and Garda Technologies have prepared a cybersport tournament at their stand based on the arcade game Cyber Journey. This game requires skill and attention: your digital avatar needs to reach the finish line before the other competitors, collecting Offcoin points on the way. To make things more difficult, you’ll be slowed down by various cyberattacks while your Offcoin chest is getting pummeled by malware. You’ll have to try hard to collect maximum Offcoins and come out on top!

All tournament participants will receive prizes from Angara Security and Garda Technologies. And there are some special awards for the top three players each day of the conference.


Win one of the Game.Zone tournaments and earn Offcoin points!

Three gaming consoles are waiting for you at the site: two Sony consoles (PS4 and PS5 for comparison) and good old Dendy. We’ll play famous fighting games, races, and even a cooking simulation (team game Overcooked). Tournaments will be held every hour.

Winners of the special tournaments get a super prize—an addon to the conference badge.


Win big by solving just one task!

Do you want to spend the whole conference continuously solving enless puzzles? Or are you here for something more, like mingling with friends and listening to reports?

If the latter is your choice, come to DeteAct’s stand. The HackQuest it has planned will give you six chances to beat the competition and take the grand prize.

On both days of the conference, there will be a new challenge every two hours. All of them are close to the real world of security analysis: there will be tasks related to web, infra, mobile, and smart contracts.

The first one to solve the task will get a prize and a supply crate of Offcoins.

Swordfish Security

Try your hand at the classic Jeopardy‑style CTF!

Swordfish Security is inviting you to a Web CTF designed for aspiring security specialists and developers.

It’s simple: to win Offcoin points, you have to find the flag; to find the flag, you have to exploit vulnerabilities, from Path Traversal to SQL Injection to XXE. Those who score the most points will get a unique prize.

We recommend tackling this task with your friends, coffee, Burp Suite, and OWASP TOP 10.


Don’t let the bad bots into OFFZONE!

Activities at the Servicepipe stand are analogous to DDoS protection system modules:

  • Traffic Analyzer quiz. Here you have to identify bad bots in the traffic stream. The task is treacherous: without deep knowledge of cinematography, it will be impossible to detect “malicious” bots. The quiz will require both speed and accuracy. Servicepipe technology detects bad bots in less than 2 milliseconds—participants, as it happens, are given a head start and a bit more time. But it is important to stay alert: the percentage of false positives must not exceed the limits stated in the SLA, otherwise no Offcoin points will be scored!
  • Sega game Bot Blocker. You have to play against a computer, but you can easily outsmart it, right? All you need is to win the required number of times and bank your Offcoins. It’s time to crack your knuckles and test the console for durability!

Sovcombank Technologies

Demonstrate your practical security skills and try raiding a bank!

CTF from Sovcombank Technologies gives you access to a platform filled with tasks. A range of categories to suit all tastes:

  • web vulnerabilities,
  • search and exploitation of application vulnerabilities,
  • reverse‑engineering,
  • encryption,
  • open source intelligence.

And in the final challenge, you will be faced with a real attack on the domain infrastructure of a fictional bank.

Complete the tasks, find the flags, and get your Offcoins with cool brand merch. The harder the task, the more points you get. The first three participants to find the solution will receive a cash prize.