Frequently asked questions


What is OFFZONE?

An international conference on practical cybersecurity that brings together security specialists, developers, engineers, researchers, lecturers, and students from dozens of countries.

What happens at OFFZONE?

Participants share their knowledge and experience. The conference focuses only on technical content dedicated to current industry trends.

There are also a whole lot of activities to have fun and relax. You can even get a tattoo if you decide to capture the event in eternity.

Where will OFFZONE take place?

We will be happy to see you on August 25–26 at the LOFT HALL venue, 26 Leninskaya Sloboda St., Bld. 11, Moscow, Russia.

Who would be interested in the conference?

OFFZONE is primarily designed for techies who want to level up their knowledge, exchange experiences, and talk to legendary experts in an informal setting.

What happened at previous conferences?

The 2019 event featured presentations by more than 60 speakers from 8 countries, a CTF quest, and a ton of games. No suits, no business—only plain hardcore research.

In 2020 and 2021, the conference had to be canceled because of the pandemic, but this year we are back with more energy and ideas.

The OFFZONE chronicles are available in the Archive.

When will the 2022 agenda be available?

The agenda will be posted a couple of weeks after the paper review date, which is July 10.

Will the presentations be recorded and made available?

Yes, but not all of them. Some speakers ask not to record their presentations as they contain sensitive information.

We will upload the public presentations to our YouTube channel within two weeks after the video editing is finished.

Do I need a COVID-19 QR code to access the venue?

Not thus far. All restrictions have been lifted, but we nevertheless worry for your safety and will run air sanitizers on the premises.

Becoming a partner

How to become a partner?

Email us at We are looking for collaboration in all areas, be it the conference, the Speaker Party, organizing badges, or handling registrations—we are open to any suggestions.

Can a partner make a presentation?

Yes, sure. Provided that your paper passes the CFP committee.

Becoming a speaker

How to become a speaker?

You’d have to submit your proposal for approval by the committee.

Presentations can be done in either of the two possible formats: Talk and Short Talk.

Talk: 45 minutes, presentations (English), reports (Russian or English).

Short Talk: 15 minutes, presentations (English), reports (Russian or English).

Note that a partner status does not automatically entitle you to deliver a talk.

What are the rules for paper submissions?

Standing principles:

  • Speakers should apply directly, no PR agents or other representatives
  • No vendor promotions or product advertisements in papers
  • The application can include any materials that will help to evaluate the research: demos, white papers, PoC. We guarantee confidentiality for all submitted materials—they will only be shared with the CFP committee

If a paper is approved for the agenda, the speaker will be notified by email and will need to confirm participation within 24 hours. Of course, we will try to contact you if we don’t receive your confirmation in time, but please write back to us quickly. Otherwise, we may have to cancel your presentation 😞

For more detail, check out the CFP page.

Will there be any goodies for the speakers?

Speaker privileges depend on the presentation format.

Talk bonus pack:

  • Free ticket to the conference
  • Roundtrip economy class plane tickets, for 2 speakers per paper
  • Hotel accommodation, for 2 speakers per paper
  • Visa support
  • Invitation to the Speaker Party
  • OFFZONE merch
  • Conference tickets for friends and colleagues, 2 per paper

Short Talk bonus pack:

  • Free ticket to the conference
  • Invitation to the Speaker Party
  • OFFZONE merch
  • Conference tickets for friends and colleagues, 1 per paper

Buying tickets

What if I still have my OFFZONE 2020 ticket?

You can use it to attend this year’s conference. No need to buy a new one!

How do I buy a ticket?
  1. Go to the Tickets page
  2. Scroll down to the ticket widget—it looks like this:
    Widget tickets page
  3. Select the number and type of tickets. You can purchase no more than 30 tickets at a time—this restriction is imposed by the sales aggregator
  4. Make the payment 🙂
What if the ticket widget doesn’t work?

Reload the page and reset your cache. It depends on your browser how you do this, but typically you have to hold down the Shift key and click the refresh page icon.

You may also try to disable your VPN and then switch it back on.

If this doesn’t help, email us at

Any privileges for students?

Yes. Show your student ID and buy your discount ticket for ₽4,500.

How many tickets per student ID?

You can buy only one ticket per student ID.

Why was my application for a student ticket declined?

Reasons for this might be:

  • All student tickets have been sold out
  • The requested number of student tickets exceeds the allowed limit of one per person
  • A scan of a student ID was not provided when ordering your ticket
  • The name on the student ID does not match the name in the application

Email us at to learn why your application has been declined.

What is a Speaker Party ticket?

This ticket entitles you to visit the afterparty. There, you will have the chance to mingle with the conference speakers in an informal setting, ask them questions, and share experiences. Also, there will be more fun, music, dancing, and beer pong sessions with your favorite hackers.

I’m a student. Can I go to the Speaker Party?

Yes, you can. But you need the full-price ticket to attend.

How do I purchase tickets as a company?
  1. Select the Corporate tab on the Tickets page
  2. Specify the number of tickets, fill out the forms for all participants, and click BUY TICKET
  3. You will see the Invoice button that will take you to the company details form. Don’t panic if you don’t see this button—you will find the link to the form in your email
  4. After filling out the details, click Send. A contract invoice will be generated and sent to your email address within 5 minutes
  5. Pay the invoice. The tickets will be emailed to you as soon as the aggregator receives the money
I’d like to send my colleagues to the conference, but I don’t know who exactly yet. Can I buy tickets without specific names?

Yes, sure! However, you will need to specify the details of at least one participant, let it be the “main customer.”

For each ticket, fill out the form as follows:

  • Enter the main customer’s data in the Last name and First name fields:
    First name and Last name
  • Enter the main customer’s data in the Email and Customer email fields:
    Customer email and Email

Most importantly, make sure to let us know the actual participants’ details no later than a week before the conference. That is, by August 18 at the latest. You can email the data to

Ticket refund

What if I change my mind about attending and want a refund?

You may cancel your registration and get a refund. But no later than 7 days before the conference. Just click the link in the email with the ticket.

What if the refund link doesn’t work?

Make sure the conference is more than a week away. Email us at with your first name, last name, and the email you specified when buying the ticket.


What activities will be available?

The venue will be packed with all kinds of activities, so everyone will find one to their liking. Games, brain teasers, device splicing, and even a tattoo stand.

More information about the activities will be available later—follow the updates.

What is Tattoo.Zone?

Tattoo.Zone is a place where you can get a tattoo done by professional artists. It’s free, and each tattoo earns participants Offcoin points.

What is DC&HW.Zone?

Here, hardware experts and guys from DEF CON will share their experiences, and you will become better versed on a variety of topics!

What is Finance.Zone about?

Finance.Zone is dedicated to cybersecurity in the financial industry. Experts will share how banks protect against attacks and the types of offensives they deal with.

What can I learn at AppSec.Zone?

At АррSес.Zone, you can learn how to develop applications that cannot be hacked.

Can you really get a tattoo that gives you a free lifetime pass to OFFZONE?

Yes. The OFFZONE logo tattoo is such a lifetime pass. With it, you’ll be able to visit all future OFFZONE conferences and speaker parties for free.

How do I join an activity?

We will later publish a map with all activity locations. Pick what you like and just come around.

Why participate in activities?

First, it’s an opportunity to try something new and have fun.

Second, it’s your chance to earn Offcoins, which can be swapped for merch.

And finally, those who dare to get an OFFZONE tattoo will receive a lifetime free pass to the conference.

Accommodation, meals, and entertainment

Where can I stay?

There’s a bonus for the guests of OFFZONE 2022: a booking discount for the two hotels with the promo code “OFFZONE”.

One is only 6 minutes’ walk to the venue, the other is 15 minutes’ drive.

Where do I get my meals?

There will be lots of food! The locations will be marked on the map.

Are there places serving drinks at the conference?

Yes, there are. Bring proof that you are of full age, just in case.

Any more questions? Email us at—we will be happy to answer.