Reviews 2019

Sergey Belov, Head of Application Security Team, Group

There are many great things to praise OFFZONE for—from its fantastic, convenient locations to an entire room devoted to soldering, right on the spot! All this coupled with many cool competitions and an amazing general atmosphere. The organizers always deliver their best, something which leaves no doubt once you get to experience it.

Xiaoyin Liu, independent researcher

OFFZONE is a great conference! The organizers are friendly and professional. I also liked the decoration of the conference hall and the lobby, and the interesting and creative badge. In addition to the great presentations in the main hall, there were also plenty of activities for people to participate in. All in all, I had a very enjoyable experience in attending and speaking at OFFZONE.

Michal Poslušný, Senior Malware Researcher, ESET

OFFZONE is one of my most favorite conferences. Everything is really on the highest level.

Starting with the organization, the whole experience is really comfortable and smooth. The speakers are taken care of from the moment they step into Russia and are picked up at the airport by the crew and transferred to the arranged hotel. The conference staff is very friendly and always there to help.

The event is filled with amazing technical content that is very interesting and worth seeing. There is also a wide range of side activities and workshops where people can learn various new skills, solve interesting tasks, compete with others, and collect points that can be exchanged for valuable prizes.

It is obvious that the organizers put their hearts and passion into the conference. I recommend everyone to attend OFFZONE if they ever have a chance. I am looking forward to next conferences.

Sebastian Österlund, PhD student, VUSec (VU University)

I can highly recommend OFFZONE to anyone doing serious security research or wanting to get more hands-on experience with tools used by hackers.

The conference attracts an impressive number of speakers from all over the world, covering a very wide and mainly practical area of top-notch security research. The setting is casual and actually focuses on what matters: real hands-on experience in hacking and security.

Yuri Sergeev, Managing Partner, Swordfish Security

The conference has literally crushed the calendar, ramming its way into the list of major cybersecurity events. With its debut just a couple of years ago, today it is hard to imagine our industry without OFFZONE.

The atmosphere, level of organization, the lineup, and competitions—all this has been perfected to striking quality. This includes carefully selected themes, attention to details, a comic book storyline, which evolves from year to year, just fancy! This is all incredibly fresh and awesome!

We are all excited for OFFZONE 2020!

Petr, @cybershit

I want to thank the OFFZONE team for the opportunity to hold a contest among our subscribers at the conference. It was fun, the winners were very happy.

I am especially thankful for the logistical help before the event. We are a small group of enthusiasts, and for us, this was very important!

It was a pleasure working with you, see you on other projects!

Reviews 2018

Denis Gorchakov, Projects Director at Cybersecurity and Defense Center, Rostelecom

A bid for success. Generally speaking, in-depth technical cybersecurity conferences in Russia are next to none, so the fact that OFFZONE appeared in the calendar deserves praise—more high-quality content and platforms to share experience! There is always a risk of a rocky start, but both the reports and the show lineup were perfect. Maybe thanks to the experienced presenters from QIWI and or the BI.ZONE team’s wealth of expertise—everyone put in a little bit of PHDays, ZeroNights, warm KL events … and just because the event was created by a friendly and enthusiastic team of cybersec professionals, who first and foremost were yearning to share their knowledge with the audience.

Yury Shabalin, Chief Security Architect, Swordfish Security

What did I like? The content, the quality, and most importantly the variety of reports and tracks (you could find a lot of cybersecurity related stuff, for example, the Hardware Zone and Finance Zone). Cool merch, the overall atmosphere of the event, it was very flavorful and well designed. It was nice that there were no classic stands with booklets and bored salesmen. A lot of entertaining content (tattoos, races, a game zone etc.). A great deal of various tasks, including not only programming and hacking, but also logical problems (they could be solved by anyone, including people just beginning their journey in cybersecurity). No aggressive hunting :-) An adequate price for the event. There was no impression of a technical business conference or a conference named after BI.ZONE. Well, actually the positive aspects were in the absolute majority throughout the entire event.

Omar Ganiev, Application Security and Penetration Testing Expert, Deteact

I liked it all, I do not remember being disappointed about anything. The cards were a nice surprise, even though I didn’t have time to mess around with them. And the fact that about 20 people got a tattoo was quite amazing.