What is Offcoin?

Offcoins are the game points that you earn for participating in OFFZONE activities. Have fun, enjoy, and get all sorts of goodies for it. The points can be exchanged for OFFZONE merch, and there is a secret bonus for the most active players.

Where are my Offcoins stored?

The points are credited to the badge, which the conference participant receives at the registration desk in exchange for the ticket. The venue will have a special terminal for checking the Offcoin balance.

Can Offcoins be transferred to another badge?

No, Offcoins are non-transferable.

Is it possible to lose points?

Yes. If you violate activity rules, your balance will be reset and your badge blocked.

Please remember, by participating in OFFZONE 2022 activities, you automatically agree to their rules. Each activity has its own rules, which are available on location.

Stay tuned for more Offcoin updates and we’ll see you at the conference!