Tattoo.Zone is:

  • a place to get a tattoo for free
  • your chance to try out the role of a tatoo hackerartist
  • loads of fun
  • one of the most popular OFFZONE spots

We hardly expected that the tattoo space would become so popular. Over two conferences, we have created 36 works of postapocalyptic body art.

One of the quirks at the Tattoo.Zone is a special OFFZONE tattoo, which gives a free pass to all the future OFFZONE conferences and the speaker parties.

The first lucky few to get these free passes were three people, including Alexander Malyshev and Roman Voloshin. In anticipation of OFFZONE 3.0, we decided to interview the guys and also check whether their tattoos were still intact.

Alexander Malyshev

Hey Alex, what are you doing with yourself these days?

Hi! I’m working for the good of cybersecurity. And on the weekends, I’m learning new things from my colleagues in this field at B4CKSP4CE, a St. Petersburg hackerspace.

Why did you decide to get the OFFZONE tattoo? And where did you have it done?

That was an easy decision. The logo looks interesting, so now I have it on my back at the base of the neck.

How many tattoos have you got in total? Is it true that tickets to other cybersecurity conferences now cost twice as much for you?

I have eight tats, three of them I got at OFFZONE. The conferences are pricey indeed, but you are the only ones offering a personal discount :)

Your advice to those who are going to get a tattoo at OFFZONE this year?

Sing up for it on the first day morning :)

Roman Voloshin

Hi Roman, how many tattoos did you get since you visited OFFZONE?

Heya. After that OFFZONE, I got another tat, a hummingbird.

What tattoos did you get at the conference and where?

The first one is a glass of cocktail on my arm, the second is the OFFZONE logo on my leg.

What did your family say?

My mom said nothing. I got my first tattoo back when I was 18, and she liked it. By the way, she also has one. Though my brother simply asked, “Why?!”

How do you pick an ideal tattoo?

There’s no such thing as an ideal tattoo, it’s different for everyone. You need to understand why you’re getting one and who’s going to see it. I put a certain magical meaning into every tattoo.

What would you suggest to the people getting a tattoo at this year’s conference?

You should choose a tattoo for its meaning. No random choices, first think why you need one. Then it’s important not to be afraid and completely trust your artist. If you’ve never gotten tattoos and you are afraid of needles, then better take a pass.

Are you going to get a new one this year?

Yes, absolutely.

Some other things you can do at the Tattoo.Zone

Tattoo the skin of a bison. We will provide you with all necessities on the spot: a tattoo machine with a needle and ink as well as unique transfer stickers, which are great for your first tattoo practice.

Trying out your art skills is on a first come, first served basis. Every hour, two of the best works are awarded Offcoin points.

Take part in the “Lucky chance” quiz. Participants choose their tattoo sketch from a poster by aiming for it with a toy gun. Before taking a shot, the participant is asked three questions on cybersecurity. Answer correctly, get a liquor treat and a step closer to the target. Answer incorrectly, take a step back. After the three questions, the participant takes a shot at the poster with sketches: the tattoo they hit is the one. Each correct answer brings Offcoin points.

Ink it up! Professional artists update their sketch albums every year. For any tattoo made at the conference, participants are awarded Offcoins. These are combined with the points earned at the “Lucky chance” quiz. Those who both do the quiz and get the “lucky” tattoo receive extra Offcoins. The special OFFZONE logo tattoo not only gives you points, but also a free pass to all the future OFFZONE conferences and the speaker parties.

The tattoo gun is ready, the adrenaline is rushing... See you at OFFZONE 2022!