June 10, 2019

OFFZONE 2019 presents an interactive badge for conference goers

The organizing committee for the annual international conference on practical cybersecurity OFFZONE presented interactive badges for visitors and participants of the conference.

The badge is a printed circuit board made in the form of a 3.5″ floppy disk. In the basic version, there are LEDs and an interface for making transactions with your virtual conference currency—Offcoins. They can be earned by completing tasks in various zones and then exchanged for prizes and OFFZONE merch.

Each badge holder will be able to add new items to it in the soldering area of Craft.Zone. Beginners will learn how to solder, and pros will be able to equip their badges with an OLED display, IR and RFID receivers, as well as a radio transceiver (433 MHz). Additional elements open up new tasks and earn you more virtual currency.

The conference will also include thematic areas run by security experts from major financial institutions (Finance.Zone), experts in web application security assessment (AppSec.Zone), and hardware and electronics researchers (Hardware.Zone).

OFFZONE visitors can relax and unwind at Game.Zone where they could participate in esport tournaments; the bravest ones may venture to Tattoo.Zone where they can get inked up in cool tattoos.