Andrei Pismennyy


About the speaker

Andrei began his career as a journalist in 2004. For about 10 years he worked for the magazine Computerra, and for the last 8 years he has worked at Xakep, first as Senior Editor, then as Editor‑in‑Chief. Andrei has extensive experience of writing for a variety of print and digital media, from and Gazeta.Ru to the corporate blogs of Microsoft and Kaspersky. As an editor, Andrei successfully worked with hundreds of authors and thousands of texts.
August 26
Being a qualified professional, at some point, you will need to be able to put your experience into words. Where to get the motivation to start your article? How to overcome your fear of a blank page? What makes words flow? How to deliver purely technical content in a simple and engaging way? Why is writing such a tough feat? How to master this skill? Find out at the master class with examples from Xakep publications.