Ivan Nikolsky

Independent security researcher; Founder and leader of the EntySec team

About the speaker

Ivan is an information security student and a penetration testing software developer. He started studying programming and cybersecurity in 2019 at the Moscow School of Programming and is now improving his skills using open resources.

Founder and leader of the EntySec team. Since 2019, Ivan has been developing exploitation frameworks, vulnerability analysis tools, exploits for several interesting and complex vulnerabilities in IoT devices. In 2020, he also started to analyze hardware, learn the assembler for x86/x64, arm, and MISP, research and hack iPhone devices to understand how iOS and iBoot work.

Ivan is currently working on HatSploit Framework, a modular exploitation platform and Fishnet Framework, a platform for intuitive penetration testing.

August 26
Track 2

Fishnet Framework is a powerful and multitasking web‑based collaboration and automated penetration testing platform. The main goal of Fishnet is to provide an understandable set of tools that everyone, from an office clerk to a professional security researcher, can access.

The platform is equipped with the ability to organize teams and create joint and private projects, isolated environments for conducting security tests, which makes it convenient for teamwork. Fishnet applications range from CTF competitions to serious corporate network security checks.