Yury Shabalin

Senior Information Security Architect, Swordfish Security

About the speaker

Yury is a cybersecurity expert with 10 years of experience in the field. CEO and co‑founder of Stingray Technologies LLC and Senior Information Security Architect at Swordfish Security.

He specializes in implementing secure development practices, building DevSecOps processes, analytics, and application testing. He has successful practical experience in creating a single secure development process from scratch, implementing SSDL, and vulnerability testing of mobile applications.

August 26
In the course of our work, we often encounter a negative attitude of developers toward the security department, and sometimes there’s hardly anyone aware of its existence. How to foster the relationship between security and development? How to make developers our allies and get them interested in safe coding? How to remind about ourselves without irritating them? This talk will focus on the various techniques and steps to build an AppSec competence center, which the speaker has successfully applied in his work.