May 29, 2019

Official release of agenda for OFFZONE 2019

The guests of the second international conference on practical cybersecurity OFFZONE (June 17–18, Moscow) will be witness to reports from more than 60 speakers from 8 countries, CTF quests, workshops, and amusing activities. No suits, no business talk—just hardcore research.


The conference will start off with a talk from Alexander Matrosov, who is heading the offensive research of hardware and firmware at NVIDIA. Alexander will speak about the evolution of complex threats, blind spots in defense systems as well as improvements without which analysts would not be able to withstand the attacks in today’s cyber arms race.

The keynote speaker for the second day of the conference is Rodrigo Branco, Chief Security Researcher at Intel. His report will be devoted to “the machine from within”—how ethical hacking determines the methods of our calculations.

In addition to the main lineup of reports (1st Track), the OFFZONE 2019 program will have short reviews of popular mechanics for protecting applications and devices (2nd Track), demonstration of offensive/defensive tools in the security specialist’s arsenal (Tool.Zone), as well as presentations in three thematic zones:

  • AppSec.Zone—all about web application security
  • Finance.Zone—all about financial service security
  • Hardware.Zone—all about hardware, hardware attacks, and radio analysis

The first of these, AppSec.Zone, will be of interest to both application security experts and developers. Mark Miller, an evangelist for DevSecOps and co-organizer of the DevSecOps Days conference, will be the main speaker at this zone. He will talk about the benefits and the latest news from DevSecOps and will also show how this methodology works across companies.

The reports at the financial and hardware tracks will continue discussing the topics raised last year. Finance.Zone focuses on the security of payment cards, the vulnerabilities of POS terminals, fraud and anti-fraud. Hardware.Zone speakers will talk about the most interesting areas of hardware security: an introduction to circuitry, FPGA and SDR, attacks on third-party channels, and much more.

The second track on the first day of the conference will contain two workshops on its agenda. The track will be kicked off with a series of master classes on binary exploitation from an independent researcher and core member of the LC/BC team—Sergey Ivanov. The second workshop will be devoted to the introduction into attacks on secondary channels, which will be hosted by a Kudelski Group security expert, Roman Korkikyan. The number of seats at the workshops is limited. In order to register, the participants will need to solve a test task.


We plan to maintain the competitive spirit of the conference by introducing the Hackquest at CTFZone. A series of postapocalypse flavored CTF tasks will immerse participants into an action-packed story line, the twist of which we will find in a comic book. The rest of the puzzle will come together as participants solve online and offline tasks.

OFFZONE 2019 is planned to have many amusing activities to keep the conference goers entertained. Guests are invited to try out the following:

  • solve tasks on the conference badge
  • hack smart devices (IoT.Zone)
  • master soldering (Craft.Zone)
  • compete in esports tournaments (Game.Zone)
  • get a postapocalyptic tattoo (Tatoo.Zone)

Our partners—Mail.Ru, Sberbank Cyber Security, QIWI, Swordfish Security (co-organizers of AppSec.Zone), and VisionLabs—have promised to surprise everyone with a choice of their own activities.

A detailed program for OFFZONE 2019 is published on the official conference website.

OFFZONE 2019 tickets are subject to an early bird discount until June 4: ₽7,000 for independent participants and ₽13,000 for company representatives.

You can follow the developments of preparation for OFFZONE on our social media accounts: